Make Your Website Work Harder For You

A recent SlopeFillers article praises how easy Fish Marketing has made it for buyers to make purchases (and we’re ready to tell you just how we did it!). It’s time to take a critical look at your own website, and make sure it’s ready for any challenge 2022 throws your way by doing three critical things.

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What you should ask of your agency right now. 

These are unprecedented times. Every company, including ad agencies, is navigating something that we’ve never seen before in our lifetime. And as many businesses look at temporary closures or a huge shift in their business model (like restaurants, bookstores and even boutiques going to a “pick-up only” or “online-only” model) there are many things they… Read more »

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Fish Marketing Holiday Survival Guide

The Fish Marketing 2019 Holiday Survival Guide

At Fish, we’d like to thank all our clients, partners, and friends for making 2019 such a wonderful year. And because we want the last little part of the year to be just as great as the first part, we’ve put together a list of holiday hazards one may have to circumvent in order to experience maximum levels of good cheer. We hope they help.

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The Evolution of a New Logo

The Pettibon System offers rehabilitation products like adjusting tools, rehab equipment and chairs that can offer permanent solutions to those suffering from back pain. As a well-established, trusted brand, Pettibon wanted to update their logo to better align (get it? Align? Because of spines and…nevermind) with who they are as a company and their years… Read more »

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