Beyond Luck: Optimize Your Marketing Budget

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, strategic maneuvers can redefine success. Picture this: a targeted approach that not only stretches your marketing dollars but also connects with the core audience. With Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel, we used a multi-pronged strategy to stand out among the competition.  

PPC Bid Adjustments: Location, location, location 

With approaches like location-based bid adjustments, where you can geo-target your customers, your marketing dollars will go further. This simple PPC (Pay-Per-Click)  tactic allows you to bid more for clicks coming from more valuable geographic areas. Fish uses this approach to target competitor casinos’ customer bases by purchasing clicks in their surrounding areas. While the ads might not reach a wide area, they are strategically placed to connect with Lucky Eagle’s core audience—gaming customers, and we’ve seen them increase AdWords conversions by up to 20%. 

Using this technique takes patience. Once you’ve placed the ad, you have to wait for the data to come in. Your data can be time-focused (a month of conversions) or number-focused (wait ‘til you’ve seen 200 conversions). Ideally, at some point you’ll see a statistically significant difference in conversion rates in various areas—i.e. customers in one of your geo-targets are twice as likely to convert than those in others—and that’s when you’ll set your location bid adjustments. In those areas, you should be willing to pay twice as much for that click. 

Learn more about how to use location-based bid adjustments: here.

Pay Attention to Market Trends in Your Target Demo

In the wildly competitive gaming industry, nimble media buys allow an agency to seize opportunities as they emerge. Currently, 35.9% of the US population are cord-cutters, and this number is anticipated to rise by at least an additional 5% by 2025. While there continues to be a decline in traditional TV watching, it is still the single highest reach vehicle, especially among older demographics, which is the largest customer base for our client Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel. Local TV news, for example, can still reach 50% of our target audience. Additionally, while CTV is overtaking traditional TV, those impressions are highly fragmented across multiple platforms, and many streaming services don’t allow for ad insertion. 

Regardless of the reasons, recognizing this shift from the overarching trend was particularly important in creating Lucky Eagle’s media plan. With that reallocation and a comprehensive digital media buy, we were able to increase brand awareness of Lucky Eagle by 16% in just four months. 

We’ve continued to include television as a large component of the Lucky Eagle buys, including our most recent campaign focusing on their rewards program, their hotel and their slot machines—a huge contributor to every casino’s bottom line. Check them out below!


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