Lucky Eagle Gets Real

If you look at most casino advertising, you see a group of people in their mid-to-late 20s happily surrounding a slot machine or craps table, throwing their heads back in victorious laughter.

But if you go to most casinos, you’ll see the truth – that 60% of casino visitors are over the age of 50, and 80% of them are over the age of 35.

That’s why our Lucky Eagle team decided to shift from the norm in their latest campaign for the Lucky Star Rewards Program, and portray gamers who are solidly in the casino customer’s age demographic.

Additionally, given the challenge of outlining multiple new additions to the casino’s rewards program, Fish decided that a see/say animated campaign could do the heavy lifting of both informing potential members about unprecedented new rewards and cement those rewards in their heads utilizing visual and aural cues. The result was Lucky Eagle’s first animated campaign, along with a new jingle to truly drive the message home.

The campaign began September 3rd and is concurrently running with an outdoor campaign in the South Sound area. Watch the spots below: