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Beyond Luck: Optimize Your Marketing Budget

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, strategic maneuvers can redefine success. Picture this: a targeted approach that not only stretches your marketing dollars but also connects with the core audience. With Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel, we used a multi-pronged strategy to stand out among the competition.   PPC Bid Adjustments: Location, location, location  With… Read more »

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Make Your Website Work Harder For You

A recent SlopeFillers article praises how easy Fish Marketing has made it for buyers to make purchases (and we’re ready to tell you just how we did it!). It’s time to take a critical look at your own website, and make sure it’s ready for any challenge by doing three critical things.

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Traditional Media in a Digital World

With the advent of digital media, new forms of advertising are constantly bombarding people online; on laptops, tablets, even on smartphones. This modern trend is certainly affecting the age-old art of advertising, and lately, many clients rightfully believe that the most effective way to reach their audience is digitally.   This begs the question: is… Read more »

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How to Beat the Skip

We have all been there. Finger hovered over our phone screen, cursor in the perfect position, just waiting for that “Skip Ad” button to show up so we can watch the YouTube video we looked up. Clearly, in the advertising world, this is not our goal. So how do we keep people from skipping over… Read more »

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Targeting Audience Cartoon

Targeting or exclusion?

Advertising could be considered the sociology of business. We closely measure and tally audiences, and craft messages that specifically target specific groups, or brand across mass media to reach people on a large scale. Recently, some newer forms of media have presented opportunities to target niche audiences. But what happens if you take targeting too… Read more »

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Fish Marketing + Strategy

Media Trends: Less IS More

The amount of TV commercial time has been on a steady upward tick since the advent of the medium, so if you feel you’re watching more ads than ever before, you’re right! The average amount of commercial time per hour in 1952 was 13%. As of last year, it was up to 32%. Now when… Read more »

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