A Modern Toolkit for the Independent Ski Resort

In today’s constantly changing market, independent resorts must adapt and invest strategically to maintain their relevancy while providing a quintessential skiing experience.

Mission Ridge, a ski resort nestled on the east side of Cascade Crest in Washington that prides itself on offering the finest snow surfaces in the Pacific Northwest, is no exception. At Fish, we’re skiers and snowboarders ourselves, so we’ve witnessed the hurdles smaller resorts tackle in the era of sprawling multi-resort passes. While larger conglomerates can afford big marketing teams, at an independent resort, the staff can wear multiple hats, transitioning from marketing roles to hands-on tasks like operating lifts.

Prioritizing ease-of-use for the Mission Ridge community

That’s precisely why, when our team undertook the challenge of developing and launching a new industry-leading website for Mission Ridge, we recognized the importance of prioritizing the site’s functionality not only for the staff but also for the heart of their brand: their community. 

Our goal was clear: provide a user experience equal to larger resorts without the constant need for outside development. We streamlined the site, making it clean, responsive, and user-friendly, with a customized backend for effortless updates by the in-house team. 

four mobile views of the website

To ensure ease of use for Mission Ridge, we provided a toolkit by:

  • Transforming static PDFs into dynamic operations and marketing calendars that are easy for their team to update and interpret
  • Automating chairlift status with easy-to-use checkboxes for updates on the fly
  • Creating autonomous snow reporting with the ability to adjust as needed
  • Integrating NOAA data for weather reporting and forecasting

All while exceeding ADA compliance to boost SEO value and accessibility. Each integration was specifically created and customized to meet Mission Ridge’s needs.

skier riding Mission Ridge

Advanced features that you don’t need an advanced degree to use

Mission Ridge sets the standard for independent resort websites — a tailored backend, dynamic calendars that are easily updatable by the resort team, and chairlift status updates at their fingertips. Providing the tools to manage their site in-house saves money and helps independent resorts thrive in a competitive market by giving them the same tools behemoth resorts have with none of the outsourcing. Now they can use those dollars to do what they do best—offer their guests a unique, authentic experience they just can’t get at a corporate resort. 

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