Making Memorable Moments Count


Last month, we launched the #MyHallmarkMoment campaign for our client Hallmark Resorts—two beautiful oceanfront resorts in Cannon Beach and Newport. Since we asked their guests to post their favorite moments to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in January, they’ve posted over 230 gorgeous, sweet and funny photos which have received over 16,000 likes.

While we’re very happy with those results, our goal for the campaign is larger than just engagement in a contest every month. #MyHallmarkMoment is aimed at creating brand advocates who will influence their social media circles, since recommendations from family or friends are the most powerful form of advertising, according to Nielsen.

This campaign is designed to excite and motivate people enough to talk about their great experience at Hallmark so we can get their friends and family (likely made up of both new and returning Hallmark guests) to book rooms. Contests are wonderful for the person who wins, but of course it’s not really about them—it’s about everyone in their circle imagining how great it would be to spend a night with the Oregon coast at your doorstep.

#MyHallmarkMoment's February 2018 Winner

#MyHallmarkMoment’s February 2018 Winner


And with social media campaigns that are customer-content focused, the clients gets the added bonus of a warm, authentic collection of photos to use in their emails. Featuring someone’s image won’t just strengthen that customer’s relationship with the brand—the winner will probably forward the email to their friends or families (‘Look! We’re famous!’). Additionally, those images cement the idea in other customers and potential customers’ minds that Hallmark is a place where great memories are made—much better than a staged image with models ever could.

Kimberly Whitler wrote a great article for Forbes in 2014 about the power of word-of-mouth marketing, and this campaign checks all the boxes. In the article, Whitler states, “If people aren’t talking about you, they are forgetting about you.” With this ongoing campaign, we’ve helped to keep conversations about Hallmark going all year round.

Check out some of the beautiful photos on Instagram.