Google AdWords and Analytics Certified

Even though I’ve managed AdWords accounts for several years and attended Google’s Seminars for Success, I’d never taken Google’s certification exams – until now. Industry contacts warned that passing the exams took a lot of tedious studying and I always felt clients and employers would see the value of my work in the results. However, as more and more agencies began offering SEM and Analytics services I knew that potential clients would appreciate Google certifications as a way to identify experienced search engine marketers in a field crowded with newcomers.

Studying for the exams wasn’t as difficult as I expected. I worked through Google’s Learning Center, took Adwords and Analytics practice exams and reviewed any questions I missed. After my review I felt pretty confident and aced the Google Fundamentals Exam, the Reporting & Analysis Exam, and the Google Analytics IQ Exam all on my first try.

While the exams primarily covered familiar info, I definitely learned a lot. It was great to learn more Google-specific nomenclature, dig into newer Analytics features like multi-channel funnels and real-time reporting and brush up on AdWords capabilities that I don’t use very often – like mobile advertising. I’d recommend the AdWords Certification to all search marketers but feel the Analytics Certification has even broader appeal: webmasters, UX designers, publishers, and web marketers of all types can benefit from a strong Google Analytics understanding.

Ultimately, Google’s certification process improved my skill, which is great for our clients. If you have an AdWords or Analytics question don’t hesitate to get in touch.