Henry Ford Vintage Ad

Diagnosis: Ad Fatigue

There’s a legendary story in advertising circles about auto magnate Henry Ford. He had a layout of the company’s latest print ad tacked to his wall, which he saw every time he came into his office. One day he loudly announced that he was tired of the ad and it was high time to create… Read more »

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Targeting Audience Cartoon

Targeting or exclusion?

Advertising could be considered the sociology of business. We closely measure and tally audiences, and craft messages that specifically target specific groups, or brand across mass media to reach people on a large scale. Recently, some newer forms of media have presented opportunities to target niche audiences. But what happens if you take targeting too… Read more »

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Lights, New Camera, Action

The tools we use to produce great work for our clients are constantly evolving, and we always strive to stay ahead of the curve. Fish Marketing recently took a big step forward in upgrading our in-house video capabilities with the addition of an ultra high-definition 4K cinema camera. (To put it in real-life terms, that’s… Read more »

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Fish Marketing + Strategy

Logo Design – Less Is More

Compelling logos create a memorable impression to clients or customers and, if done correctly, will encompass your company’s atmosphere, purpose and specialty. The creation of a logo for a company is the jumping point for all following creative and therefore must be fit all requirements set by your client. This checklist will help you and… Read more »

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