3 Tips to Increase Lift Ticket Sales


Find Your Audiences

Lift tickets have a number of audiences: competitors’ season pass holders, bluebird-only riders, tourists, friends of pass holders, casual riders who rent gear, lapsed skiers and curious ski newbies are just a few. Decide who you’d like to reach first, then be sure exclusionary targeting is a part of your plan (that means things like excluding season pass holders from these more casual buyers to avoid delivering the wrong messages to them).

Create Compelling Messages

Segment the messages by the above audiences as we discussed regarding Season Pass holders. Match specials, events and promotions to specific audiences and time frames. A few to consider that might get a fence-sitter to take action: rental discounts, free parking, skiing/dining packages, Valentine’s Day and similar working holidays.

Consider making the decision as easy as possible for newbies: all-inclusive packages like the one below, or one that also includes rental discounts might help to tip them towards a decision.

2 + 2 + 2 ad

Slopes, snacks and sips: help them to imagine the perfect day.

Snowbasin resort 2 + 2 +2 ad

Be Timely!

Many day-ticket customers decide to buy 2-3 days before the weekend, so be sure to adjust ad frequency accordingly. It’s also important to consider past slow sales periods and adjust for weather when necessary. Single lift ticket sales can respond immediately to weather shifts in ways season ticket campaigns can’t—emphasize powder when it’s snowing and bluebird days when the forecast is clear.

Snowbasin Resort - Snow in the forecast ad

We’re not gonna lie—being in a business that’s in ways at the whim of mother nature can be difficult, but the more you know about your audience and the more ideas you have ahead of time, the better your response, whatever the weather!

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