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“Allowing or relating to continuous two-way transfer of information between a user and the central point of a communication system, such as a computer.” Source: Dictionary.com

Ground Zero for Small Business Marketing: The Website

What makes a “good” website? Marketing strategy, graphic design and technology must come together to make a website that gets results for a small business. Some websites have really cool designs that make them interesting to look at. Others have special affects and cutting edge technology that make them fun to play with. Small businesses need websites that do one thing: CONVERT.

There are exactly two reasons to have a website: convert a visitor to a sale or convert a visitor to a lead. If a website doesn’t have the right combination of messaging, creative design and clean, back-end code, it won’t convert. Does your website convert visitors to sales? Or does it just sit there like a bird in a cage?

Your website is now your front lobby. When consumers decide they want what you sell they don’t call you or come in, they do a Google search. If they don’t get distracted by one of a million competing messages, they eventually land on your website where they get their first impression of your business. As we know, first impressions are HUGE. What kind of first impression does your site make? Do you get an email every day from an interested prospect? Every week?

Fish Marketing has been helping small businesses sell stuff since 2003. We are not a website designer. We are not a design shop. We are marketers who use traditional advertising and interactive techniques to influence consumer behavior for our clients. We don’t just make websites, we make stuff sell.